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A Workshop at Brighton and Hove Spiritualist Church

9-10 Boundary Passage, Norfolk Square

Brighton BN10 3BJ

Saturday 25th March 2017, 10.30am-1.30pm

Cost £10, £8 Church Members

Please bring any percussive instruments you can....drums, rattles etc. Woodwind

is also good.

There are many ways of relating to Spirit and of expressing and channelling that

relationship. Indeed each entity in existence has its own unique way.

A very ancient way is by the use of drums, rattles and voice. Dance can often

form an integral part of this.

It is therefore a great pleasure to invite you to participate in the above workshop

from 10.30am-1.30pm on Saturday 25th March at Brighton and Hove Central

Spiritualist Church.

(Our previous session was on December 17th, close to the Solstice. This one will

be close to the Spring Equinox. We plan to hold them regularly close to the turns

of season).

No musical skills are required. The essence is freedom, spontaneity and flow of


There are no “wrong sounds”. Does the wind in the trees or the splashing stream

utter “wrong sounds”?

Participants in this practice often feel that they are brought closer to Spirit and

experience the benefits which that brings.

The workshop will be led by me, Rob Leech, a member of Brighton and Hove

Spiritualist Church, who has been privileged to spend considerable time with

indigenous peoples in the bush in Southern Africa, experiencing something of

their powerful, beautiful and moving approaches to Spirit. I am also inspired by

Native American spiritual cultures as well as by time spent with the Karen

people of the hill forests of Northern Thailand in 2003.

It's about love and it's about light and about the Natural World.


If you have questions please email me on:


COMING SOON: after his very succesful workshop on Energy Healing, our president will be taking a weekly class starting at the end of April. This will be on a Thursday evening, 7.30-9pm.






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