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COMING SOON: after his very succesful workshop on Energy Healing, Christopher Gammon will be taking a weekly class starting on27th April. This will be on a Thursday evening, 7.30-9pm. The cost will be £5 per session. Please let us know beforehand if you would like to attend this course: by e mail to this site, to or enquire at the church and put your name on the list. We look forward to seeing you.

Christopher J Gammon


The series will include: recap on previous workshop, sealing energy leaks, smoothdown and clearing chakra point at the ankles. Moving on you will learn auric field widening(clearing and energising) and chakra clearing. If there is time, we will go on to other techniques to clear left and right channels, the chakra point at the knees and a technique to help back sufferers.


If there is insufficient time to complete all of these techniques, there will be a further course later in the year.


We will practice on course members for the most part and then invite friends and family on whom the techniques can be practiced.


Healers from all associations are welcome and we look forward to teaching you in a relaxed, informal setting.





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