Brighton and Hove Spiritualist Church
Brighton and Hove Spiritualist Church 

                            About us

Brighton and Hove Spiritualist Church and Sanctuary of Healing, is also known as Boundary Passage. The Church was established in 1903 (see our History link), and is a centre for spiritual and psychic development. The present building was acquired by Florence Jemi, who was the president of the church at that time; Betty Horne was vice-president. The church ran three circles and an awareness group; taken by Joan Wiggington. Queeny Ford was one of the circle leaders..


We recognise that people come along to our Church for many different reasons: some due to bereavement, some to seek communication with loved ones in Spirit, others simply curious...


As an open, friendly Church we welcome all visitors, irrespective of faith/ lack of faith or philosophical perspective.


Members of the Church Committee are always willing to answer any questions about Spiritualism and any queries folk may have about the Church.


Come along and feel free to ask.

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