Brighton and Hove Spiritualist Church
Brighton and Hove Spiritualist Church 


The first written evidence of Brighton & Hove Central Church occurs in 1925, the first President being a Mr. Hotton. Our first rental of the Athenaeum Hall in North Street took place in April 1925. This venue seated 450 people and we continued to meet there for many years.


Spiritualism was truly coming into its own at this time. Maurice Barbanell, for one, visited our church in 1926. People were like sponges, absorbing so much information on all aspects of Spiritualism and of different phenomena.


Visiting mediums, speakers etc. travelled miles to spread this knowledge. They came from as far afield as Northampton, Birmingham, and Wales.


Joan & Ralph Walton were church members at this time. They were great friends with Maurice Barbanell and Joan ran the Brighton Central Lyceum for a while.


We affiliated with the Spiritualists’ National Union in 1941. In the 1960’s when the local council decided to widen the road in North Street we found ourselves homeless. Fortunately we were offered a lifeline by Brotherhood Gate Church and were able to share their premises until 1965.


In 1978 under the Presidency of Mrs. Florence Jemi, the time had come to purchase our own premises and 9/10 Boundary Passage was chosen. This venue was tucked away in a very discreet narrow alleyway. This passageway is actually the boundary for Brighton & Hove and was a perfect place for the Central Spiritualist Church.


The building had a very colourful past; the previous owners were also in the business of serving others and of bringing upliftment to all who entered the building. Spiritualists don’t do everything in the dark and neither did these two ladies, they kept a brothel in this little house of love.


Mr. Gordon Higginson MSNU former President of the Spiritualists’ National Union, a wonderful ambassador for the spirit realms dedicated this church on 16th December 1978. Mrs. Jemi and her committee created a very lively church with many sociable events as well as services and educational activities.


Over the years some of Spiritualism’s most revered mediums have worked with us eg. Ursula Roberts, Coral Polge, prominent Psychic Artist and Colin Fry to name just a few.

Over the years we have been blessed with many notable Presidents who gave their time and energy to keep our little sanctuary  open and flourishing including, again to name just a few, Maureen Romano, Joan Walton, Lyndi Molyneux and Deborah Knowles. Deborah instituted the widely acclaimed Hydesdale Lectures and continues to be a strong support for our church to this date.


We have been blessed to attract many good teachers to work under our roof eg. Joan Wiggington, Robin Winbow and Eddy Hill took their turns in leading our popular open awareness group for many years and currently Dorothy Young leads the very well attended Monday group. Excitingly from these development groups new mediums are emerging to serve both Boundary Passage and other Spiritualist venues.


We have a wonderful group of healers led by the experienced Lisa Edelman and Dorothy Young.


Currently we are very lucky to have Christopher Gammon as President, involved in Spiritualism for 44 years, he is also the author of “Looking Beyond” a comprehensive guide to Spiritualism and a book for all seekers.


Our current committee is a band of friends who sit in circle with each other and support each other on our differing paths - we bring in our interests and talents in drumming, psychic art, astrology, cooking, gardening, healing and of course all things psychic and to do with mediumship and that’s to name but a few!


Our community of like minded souls welcomes all seekers on the path and offers a friendly and warm welcome.


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