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Spiritual Healing

                     Spiritual Healing



Healing is every Tuesday from 1pm until 2.45pm.  We gratefully accept your donations and look forward to welcoming you.


Spiritual Healing is a balancing of body, mind and spirit to a wholeness of self. It is complimentary to orthodox medicine and recognised by the Medical Profession and the Veterinary Services for Animal Welfare.


All seekers of healing are equal whatever their beliefs, colour or gender orientation.

Spiritual Healing works TOGETHER with any medical treatment you are receiving at the time. You can either self refer – just come along to the Clinic or you may be referred by your doctor.

Hopefully you will be receptive to the healing process by keeping an open mind or trying to remain positive. You can come as often as you wish. Come and enjoy the spiritual atmosphere or sit listening quietly to the gentle music that will be playing.


During the healing session, the patient remains fully clothed. The session lasts about 10-15 minutes. Spirit knows where the healing is needed so there is no reason for the Healing Medium to touch affected, diseased or painful parts of the patient’s body.


We are bound by the Code of Conduct of the Spiritualist National Union and there are guide lines as to where the Healing Medium places their hands. The laying on of hands is called CONTACT HEALING and your permission is asked prior to each session beginning. The Healing Medium becomes a CHANNEL through which energy flows.


  • An explanation is given and questions answered.
  • All information given by the patient is kept strictly confidential. You may read your own record card which is always kept in a locked cabinet.
  • On arrival at the Clinic you will be welcomed by our Receptionist and when one of the Healing Mediums is free you will be introduced to the next available one.
  • All wear trainer or approved ID cards.


We hope you will enjoy the experience and that you will benefit in due course.


If you are unable to come to the Clinic and feel you would like some healing please ask for your name to be put in the Absent Healing Book in the Church and we will send you healing by thought and prayer.


Donations are welcomed in the Clinic. Hospital and Hospice visits can be arranged with the agreement of the medical staff and nursing team.


The Team is trained to have a LISTENING EAR. We do not COUNSEL as we are working with the Code of Conduct and the Law of the Spiritualist National Union.


We know you will find the Healing Team very professional and have a good understanding of physical and emotional health.


If you have not visited our Clinic or have made an attempt but felt unsure about visiting and receiving healing, please come and just sit in the quiet peace and comfort of theClinic and see for yourself.

You will be surprised at the working of Spirit.


Patients’ experience of healing

First Letter

The amazing power of hands on Spiritual Healing. Little did I realise just how important and beneficial it would become to me. I was diagnosed with Grade 3 bowel cancer eight years ago, soon after major surgery and alongside the intensive chemo, a good friend came to my house to give me much needed healing. It was a life line to me, allowing me to give myself over to Spirit for them to do their healing work on mind and body.

As soon as I was strong enough I went back to attending Boundary Passage Church to the wonderful healers that work here. I’ve been coming for many years and always enjoy each of my healing sessions.

It may come as upliftment, comfort, positivity or just the warm friendly faces or the beautiful music and being surrounded by healing energies that bring peace to the body or maybe just that important cup of tea!

Carol 2013

Second Letter

I have been visiting this Spiritual Church for many years and have found a warm and soothing sanctuary with a lovely atmosphere.
The Healers are kind and caring and have helped me tremendously with my health troubles – even visiting me in hospital to give me extra healing when I needed
it most.

They have sent healing thoughts and prayers to me and I truly believe the love and concern I have received and my faith in the
healing has helped work wonders.

Virginia 2013

We are all affiliated and insured by the S.N.U. This is renewed annually and we are accountable to the S.N.U. Healing Committee.

Love and light of Spirit

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