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Our president, Christopher Gammon has written a book based on his 45years in Spiritualsim. It is a book that can be useful to those with a wide knowledge of spiritual matters as well as to complete beginners.

It deals with some thorny questions such as: Why does a spirit come to the earth-plane for only a brief stay; i.e. the passing of a child. What can I do in the spirit world? There are explanations as to the various types of mediumship and a section on the chakra system. As Christopher is a musician as well as a healer and a medium, there is a section on how music is useful in healing and how music relates to the chakras.

Finally, there is a section on developing your own mediumship and, to end, some hints about your personal journey.


The book, "Looking Beyond", is available at the church; price £5.90


The book can be posted to you at an extra cost of £2

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